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Accepting senior, family practice and pediatrics new patients

Corpus Family Practice is a local medical clinic attending the community of Corpus Cristi, Texas for more than 10 years. Our Evidence-Based practice focus on family care and pediatrics healthcare services. Our physicians and medical personnel are focused on providing quality patient-care accessible for all income levels. We accept all insurance for our patients' convenience.

Through our pediatric and family medical support, we assist with everything from yearly checkups for babies to the process of managing severe and chronic medical complications. Providing ongoing help for comprehensive health care for children and families, at Corpus Family Practice, we want to make sure that the community in Corpus Christi, Texas get access to quality health. We want to be allies for families in their healthcare and make sure that the families in our community always have access to the healthcare resources that they need to live longer and fuller lives.

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Whether you are a current patient or want to be seen by a provider as a new patient, you can contact us anytime during regular hours and/or after hours through our online 24/7 telemedicine and messaging app. You just need to find the floating purple button on the right side of our site.

For your convenience, you you can use our 24/7 Telemedicine and Messaging app anytime during regular hours or after hours. You can always find the floating purple button on the right side of our site. Try it now!

Muy buena doctora. Todos bien amable. Citas bien rápidas
Maria A.
The best experiences I've had since moving to the Corpus Christi area!
Audrey P.
Dr. Dickson has been an amazing doctor I'm so sad that he is retiring. However, the new Doctor that has taken over is also very knowledgeable, caring, and attentive.
Yahaira V.
Citas rápidas. Resultados de Laboratorio rápidos y todos bilingüe . Hasta ahorita no tengo ni un problema con esta oficina . Todos son bien amables
Olivia M.
Best Doctor I've ever had.
Donna L.
Great experience, quick, they made me feel relaxed and everything was really fast.
Adriana S.

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Annual Physicial

Anual Physical Exam Corpus Family Practice An annual physical exam is known by several names – annual check-up, well-check, preventive [...]


Asthma Specialist Corpus Family Practice Asthma is a condition in which your airways get narrow, swell, and produce extra mucus. [...]

Bone Density Test

Bone Density Test Corpus Family Practice Most people, especially women older than 65 should have a bone density scan. Older [...]


Bronchitis Specialist Corpus Family Practice Bronchitis is an infection of the lining you the main airways (bronchi) causing them to [...]


Diabetes Specialist Corpus Family Practice Regardless of the type, DM is a serious health condition and a risk factor for [...]

Ear Pain

Ear Pain Specialist Corpus Family Practice As children are more prone than adults, ear pain or infections can affect anyone [...]


Osteoporosis Specialist Corpus Family Practice Osteoporosis makes your bone weak and brittle that even mild stress on them such as [...]

Urinary Tract Infection

UTI Specialist Corpus Family Practice A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection of your urinary system which includes kidneys, [...]

Most Major Insurance Accepted

For your convenience, Corpus Family Practice accepts most major insurance plans. Call to see if your insurance plan is accepted today!